Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my father

I spent the entire day with my dad at Jackson yesterday. He was in the ER waiting room since Monday afternoon and they finally took him in Tues 4am. They took blood, and gave him breakfast, and then by 10 am they gave him an ultrasound. There were no results from that. I sat with him in a general room with 17 other patients, waiting for rooms to become available.

Some guy with prostate cancer was to the right, every time he had to pee he would moan and spasm. When the doctor's finally gave him a catheter, he was spasming uncontrollably every time he felt like he was peeing. It was really annoying. Not to mention he smelled terrible.

The doctors finally came to ask my dad more questions in the afternoon. I come to find out that my dad's father died of liver CANCER when he was like 48. I thought he died of EYE cancer. So now I'm worrying even more. The doctor finally came back again later on to tell me that he was allowed to eat (they skipped him for lunch and dinner because there were no orders from the doctors). He could eat until midnight, then after that nothing bc they are going to do a CT scan this morning. I left there at 9pm and he was still in the general room.

So I called him this morning and I was happy to hear him pick up the phone, because that meant he had a room. There was no cell service where he was yesterday. So sure enough he is in a room and they haven't done the CT scan yet. The first thing he told me when he picked up the phone was, very quietly "I'm in a room with an HIV positive person." I think he's creeped out.

So I'm going to try to stay positive, but it's sort of hard. He is in good spirits and doesn't seem to show signs that he's sick, except that he's orange and his eyes are yellow. So hopefully everything will turn out ok.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

free day...sorta

Needed to take the day off from work to get a bunch of stuff done.
I started my day with Chinese flowering tea from Jill.

Well I just a phone call from my sister telling me that my dad is really sick. something that has to do with his liver, so now I'm totally freaking out and I was told to find my dad. So I called and he answered and he's home, sounding like shit. He won't go to the hospital for another week. Fuck I can't type I need to go.

Monday, January 21, 2008

wacka wacka wacka

OK, I think I might be going crazy.

It's been really hectic with having 2 jobs and taking a cake decorating class. I have to bake a cake every week and make a crap load of icing. But it's ok, I guess this stress test will make me a stronger person, if I don't explode before. or have a mental breakdown.

I'm having a hard time keeping 4 dragons, so I'm considering getting rid of one. I really don't want to but I don't want to neglect him in any way. And it's a lot of work to have 4!

Tomorrow night I am making a creepy ass clown cake in my cake decorating class. I'm totally freaked out by it. but I'm giving it to David. I'm sure he'll love it. ha!

David doesn't know that I have this blog yet but I'm sure when he does finally find it he'll call me a loser. Which is fine, because that would mean that my plan worked and that he creeped. In fact if anyone is actually reading this it means you creeped. Because the only person I've told about it is Dydy.

Well there isn't much else to write here. I'll post pictures of my cake tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

incredibly frustrated

I worked at Origins over the Christmas break and the manager asked if I would be interested in coming on as a permanent part-timer, so like an idiot I said yes. so far it hasn't been at all difficult but in another week I'll get my goals and then it will start getting tough. The only frustration I have now is the hours. I work 8-4:30 at the shop and then 5-close at Origins. So I'm DEAD when I get home. I've had no time to do anything this week. I thought I was going to get all this stuff done while David was out of town, but I was able to do nothing.

On top of that I come to find out that I HAVE NOT been hired by the county as a temporary instructor. Apparently I have to tell them to hire me?!? I don't quite understand the system but maybe sometime this year I'll be a sub.

It really sucks when people you care about treat you like shit but I guess everyone has a bad day?? Whatever, I don't get it.

Ok well I get to leave work early today so that I can arrive earlier at Origins to get the fuck out of there by 6pm, I hope!

Tonight I play wii.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giving in to blogs

Ok well I decided to try this shit out. I'll probably quit after a week, but until then I'll use it to keep my creeping friends and acquaintances entertained. As well as update those interested on the progress of my mothering two Bearded Dragons and two Australian Water Dragons. As well as other random animals that come and go in my life.

It will probably take me some time to figure this coding stuff or whatever is used for this site, seeing as I'm not as Internet savvy as most.

Ok well I guess I'll try to keep updates going..

For now here is a picture of the cake I made in my Wilton Cake Decorating class I'm currently taking.

Alright well till next time I guess.