Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my extreme frustrations

I don't understand why I get frustrated so easily. I tend to get upset at things that seem ridiculous to other people. I sometimes have a hard time overcoming obstacles, I sort of prevent myself from accepting certain things and letting go. Why does this happen? Is it how I was raised? Is it my conservative way of thought? Maybe I need to get a massage and let all my troubles melt away. Maybe hypnotism to see where it all stems from. But I thought that's what yoga was for. Aside from some sort of semi-spiritual growth, I enjoy it so much because for that hour and a half all that matters is my breath and balancing on my mat. All other cares and thoughts are gone. I escape into a state of meditation and sweat out all my frustrations and anger. But then I have to come back into the real world. Why won't this battle I have with my mind just end? I've almost reached my maxing point before I explode. I hope it passes soon. I think I may go play in the rain.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not for the squeemish

This morning started out with a text message that Aussie had 4 puppies! I missed yoga to tend to puppies. 4 at first, 2 were dead. She then had another around 10ish am. I got to the clinic at 12 and she had 3 pups.
Then she had another around 1:30, we videoed it coming out, pretty gross.

But at the same time it was beautiful. She was getting impatient and walking around a lot, took her a little while to calm down and let the puppies nurse, but in the end she got it down well and was being a wonderful mommy. She was struggling about 4 hours after 1:30pm and some nastiness came out. We weren't sure what it was, but about 1hr after that another puppy started to come out. She was having a really hard time, so I had to pull it out and unfortunately it was dead. We still had 4. While we are looking at the x-ray arguing over how many puppies were still left, Lauren's mom went to the cage and yells "She just had another one!"

That was the last one. The Dr's count was correct. So total puppies- 8, survived- 5. 3 males, 2 females. They are beautiful and I am so happy that I was able to help Aussie and see her have her babies. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Only problem is that she is most likely going to her foster home with Paws4you this week. So I'm not sure how much of her I will get to see, but I really hope the Dr will let us keep her until the puppies eyes are open. :(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

cats like gardens

Bonnie was helping us garden. More like getting in the way rolling in the dirt and chasing our tools as we used them.

Today I started my day with an Ashtanga class w/ Loren Russo. She's awesome! There are random explosions going on outside right now.

So the garden I fina;;y planted at my mom's is doing fantastic! The eggplants are growing FAST, strawberries are strong, Basils are getting tall and spinach is also doing well. Everything is growing well aside from the cilantro. I'm not sure if the cat is eating it or it's just not surviving. Bonnie does like to go in the garden but she's not digging holes, that's good.

This was day 1 of the garden.

This was the other day.

The milkweeds are full of monarch caterpillars. How exciting, I'm so happy we could provide a home for the, only problem is that they look like crap all eaten up.

"Aussie" is still up for adoption along with her 4-5+? puppies she is about to have. Please if anyone is able to adopt a dog or if you know someone that can, please let this mom and her pups have a chance. I REALLY don't want to send them to the humane society. I will update on when the puppies are born and their health etc.

well, our tickets are purchased for Ink N' Iron so I'm pretty excited about that.
Til next time.