Wednesday, April 14, 2010


She's going to be the death of me. Licking my face while I drive, next time she's getting a seat belt.

Australian Cattle Dog up for adoption to a good home, preferably with no cats. Not sure how she is with other dogs but I imagine that she would love a play mate. She's a sweetheart, loves her belly rubbed, loves giving kisses is VERY affectionate. She'll lay all over you just to be close to you. Listens well, very loyal, fairly house trained (most likely was an outside dog) she just needs a little fine tuning. She's very happy to be indoors. Please help me find her a home with room to run around or someone that will walk her regularly. Barely sheds, smells cleeean, had two baths, HW prevention and Flea prevention. She's a great dog that just needs a home that will love her as equally as she'll love you. She's a lovebug and she needs a forever home. Please help, I don't want to send her to the Humane Society.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom, It's not a threadmill.

LA Fitness not "La" Fitness

So I finally went to LA Fitness tonight (I hate going to the gym) but I'm doing it for my mom (as well as my fat-ass self). They are pretty state-of-the-art with LCD screens attached to every cardio machine. Holy crap I just realized my mom left me a glass of ice water next to my bed, YES! for moms.

So I get to the gym at like 8:45, most of the cardio machine TVs are on abc watching Dancing with the Stars. So I get on an elliptical machine and bam I realized how royally I screwed up! Lost is coming on in 15 mins and I didn't bring my headphones! I can hook up headphones directly into the machine and watch TV! Amazing what inventions there are. In a way it's kind of funny, watching TV usu requires a couch/bed, but at the gym the TV is workout entertainment. I thought it was pretty cool that you can choose the channel of your choice. There are also machines that you can hook up a USB cable, or an IPOD and charge it! Insane!

So first day at the new gym was partially successful with the workouts, failure for missing Lost. I got parts of it but with no sound and I couldn't get the subtitles to work. Ohwell. My mom working out was entertainment enough.

So I know no one will read this which is fine, I don't get offended.