Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I didn't make the vegan ice cream yet, I made Mango ice cream instead and it was really good. Cocoa Mochi was nasty, never again.

I've taken up the task of babysitting my nephew for the summer and we've spent almost two weeks together. It's been fun, this week I was teaching him how to swim. And the first day he had it down. Day two was even better. We took today off, good thing because it poured but we went up to Big Al's fish store. He was amazed at all the fish and the sharks. It was neat. I finally picked up a Pleco to add to my algae infested tank. My cichlid continues to look like he's on the brink of death yet somehow still hangs on. The Pleco is in Algae heaven right now. I anticipate a fast growth spurt. I also may have finally found a home for my lovely Aussie water dragon. I would like him to go to a loving home since i can't give him the attention he deserves, haha, I sound ridiculous.
Conner trying to gather all the things his mom gave him when we went to visit her at work. The pollito, the post-it note book, the magnet pin. He wanted to stay and hang out in the cubicle.

Conner's amazement at all the fish.

After a long day looking at fish, McDonald's Happy Meal with a "kid's juice"