Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aussie is home

So I finally brought Aussie home. If you don't know Aussie, go back a few posts and read about her. She has been at the clinic since we found her in March! She has finally found her home. It was a battle to keep her and i think we had her already a month or two before David's parents finally agreed to keep her. I think they did it to make me happy since they knew how much I cared about her. She is here ib the room with me sleeping peacefully at the foot of the bed. She grunts every time she shifts positions. She's so cute and so calm and so happy. She is like a different dog here. But then again this is only the first night. :/ I hope she continues to be a good girl si david's paerents don't end up throwing her in the canal. Davids mom took a liking to her that I never would have expected. Awe I'm excited to have her home where she can run around and be free. And soon I'll be bringing home a puppy. :)
goodnight David
goodnight michelle
goodnight Aussie
goodnight Aussie
lol, I'm tired.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

really exhausted

I am happy to say that I have just woken up from a nap. I haven't taken a nap in a while so I must have been tired. I was laying on the couch reading a...bridal book and my eyes kept getting heavier and heavier until I slipped away into dreamland. Ugh I awoke in delirium and hungry! David came to pick me up to go to bastardos practice. Where are we eating?

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Friday, July 16, 2010

harry potter bound

our journey to Orlando started late because we were wasting time. our first stop- Ft. Pierce and David got drinks at the pilot. he's such a smart cookie. onward to Orlando.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

poofy dresses and mardi gras cakes

My first Bridal Expo.

Mother of the bride as happy as can be, after 2 glasses of champagne.

I went to my first bridal expo last night with my mom and mother-in-law to be (which she's pretty much already my other mom). it was a bridal/quince expo. it was really small but still nice. They served hors deurves (sp?) and wine and champagne. they didnt have apple cider :(. my mom was having more fun than i was. Nothing at the expo really cought my attention except thr photo booth rental company. which I'm trying to do something similar for my wedding. My mom and I took some funny pictures with props. I'll have to scan them in.

really cool mini cupcakes with mini mardi gras embellishments.

The cake I won in a drawing. It's cracking now, I;m trying to eat it but no one seems to want to come over and share it. :(

Mini mardi gras mask on a Jordan almond!

This car is made out of rice krispie treats

candy apples I got for the groom. :)

The view from the Courtyard Marriott in Coconut Grove

The sky looked so pretty

The marina.

Poofy dresses.

Clark Kent the travel agent.

Photobooth photos I took with my mom, too funny.

Friday, July 9, 2010

bonnie butt

well it seems that Bonnie got into a fight with a rat or squirrel or some other small mouthed creature. she had an abscess on the side of her face that looked like a bird pecked a hole in the side of her head. which i wouldn't be surprised considering she's always in the trees trying to catch something. she is successful at times, leaving mouse and baby bird carcasses on the patio. so i brought her to the clinic today and she got a perty haircut. she didn't like the part where we had to give her an antibiotic injection and flush the abscess. i was covered in her fur and then the sneezing began. I'm having a turrible allergy attack. I feel bad for the people who are going to be sitting next to me during Predator in a few minutes.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm engaged?

Ok so yea David and I finally decided to just go ahead and get married. I think after 12 years it was finally time. We've casually discussed getting married but there always seemed to be something holding us, well him, back. I think it's the realization that marriage is sort of the next step in growing up. Men are always afraid to grow up. It's time to move on to the next step.

I didn't get the traditional chivalric, romantic down-on-one-knee proposal. In fact I didn't get much of a proposal at all. I guess, "wanna get married?" while driving was all I was going to get. I guess I had finally bugged him about it enough. I mean I couldn't really expect it to be much of a surprise. I knew it was bound to happen eventually, I had just hoped it would a. be before I was 30, and b. that he might do something romantic. Well, I didn't the romantic, but I did get the before 30. I'm sure he has something romantic to make up for it up his sleeve. And if not, maybe he'll get the hint after he reads this. :P He better.