Friday, February 17, 2012

First Tour

Feeling all nostalgic and shit.

Something checked off my bucket list.

I have had the incredible opportunity to go on tour with Los Bastardos Magnificos, Loneowlf OMB and Brownbird Rudy Relic (and Diablo Dimes featuring Miss Celine Lee, who had to drop off early on). I've been in LBM for a little over a year now, playing some autoharp, a little tambourine and backing vocals. Something that seems so simple is actually so exciting for me. No we haven't played some crazy stadium, nor have we made some insane record deal consisting of paid recordings and ridiculous riders. But what we do have is determination, love for music/playing and a lot of fun.

This week and a half tour started in Miami, headed through Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Now as we approach the end of the tour, I'm sad that it is all coming to an end. I've had such a great time touring with these guys, playing weird towns, not knowing where we were spending the night, sleeping in the car in 20 degree weather, catching some crazy cold/pneumonia and laughing so hard I wanted to vomit. Being sick the entire tour was so worth just being able to be here.

I never thought this little excursion would be so much fun and teach me so much about living for the moment and just having fun. I'm saddened that it is coming to an end. I very much look forward to the future of Los Bastardos Magnificos and to more laughs on the road (hopefully with the same cats).

I need a shower.

M'nM :)