Wednesday, April 22, 2009

trying to stay positive

So my finger healed up fine, i still have this cat. I finally introduced her to the dog, it's been quite a roller coaster to watch them play/fight/chase each other. I'm afraid that the dog plays a little too rough though. We'll see what happens. I hope that I find a home for her even though I do really enjoy her company. Bonnie:

blurry but so cute!

I'm worried that my cichlid is dying. He's already like 2 years old and huge!!

So I guess at this point in my life I had hoped to be in a different situation than I currently am. I've gotten a degree yet I work in retail. I live at home again, good and bad at the same time. I love not having rent and living expenses to pay but I still like my privacy.

I hate to complain but I just always thought by the time i was 26 I would have progressed much further in my career and in my relationships. I'm turning 26 in a month and it's like I'm still 18. This is really rough, no one is hiring and then I don't have enough qualifications for the really good jobs. I don't know, things are sorta gloomy right now. I'm becoming more negative about things which is bad because I worked long and hard to be a more positive person.

I just want to go to some secluded island somewhere and disappear. I'll take my Bonnie with me. I'll be somewhere that jobs and money don't matter, where I can eat coconuts whenever I want and just get the fuck away from all the headaches that are here.

Maybe I need some kind of enlightenment, something to give me hope in things I feel have failed, something that makes me believe that things do actually get better. Guidance on the right path of decision making, figuring out what will work out and saying goodbye to the things that won't.
I have a few obstacles I need to overcome. We shall see how things turn out. Who knows where the paths will lead me.

I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica, it must be done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's already April

Well like I said I wouldn't keep up with this.

This is how you waterproof a finger wound.

That's a finger bandage, the pinky of a rubber glove and some packing tape.
It worked pretty well.

This kitty needs a loving home, she's spayed and very cute, playful and loving. Sounds like every pet.

She's spayed and got booster vaccines, she's sooo cute!!! Take her home!