Friday, February 17, 2012

First Tour

Feeling all nostalgic and shit.

Something checked off my bucket list.

I have had the incredible opportunity to go on tour with Los Bastardos Magnificos, Loneowlf OMB and Brownbird Rudy Relic (and Diablo Dimes featuring Miss Celine Lee, who had to drop off early on). I've been in LBM for a little over a year now, playing some autoharp, a little tambourine and backing vocals. Something that seems so simple is actually so exciting for me. No we haven't played some crazy stadium, nor have we made some insane record deal consisting of paid recordings and ridiculous riders. But what we do have is determination, love for music/playing and a lot of fun.

This week and a half tour started in Miami, headed through Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Now as we approach the end of the tour, I'm sad that it is all coming to an end. I've had such a great time touring with these guys, playing weird towns, not knowing where we were spending the night, sleeping in the car in 20 degree weather, catching some crazy cold/pneumonia and laughing so hard I wanted to vomit. Being sick the entire tour was so worth just being able to be here.

I never thought this little excursion would be so much fun and teach me so much about living for the moment and just having fun. I'm saddened that it is coming to an end. I very much look forward to the future of Los Bastardos Magnificos and to more laughs on the road (hopefully with the same cats).

I need a shower.

M'nM :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I haven't gotten anything from LUSH in a few years. It's a little pricey but most things are worth how long they last and how little/no packaging they have.

I wanted to share a few things I just recently bought and I am loving!!!!!!!

My hair smells delicious I want to sniff it all day. People think I'm nuts!

squeaky-green solid shampoo

my hair gets oily really fast because I got used to washing it every day since I was like 11. So I literally HAD to wash my hair everyday. I hate having oily roots and recently I have been trying to skip washing my hair to get it back to it's normal ph balance and normal oils. It was working ok until something happened and it's back to being really oily really fast. Maybe the summer humidity. Why am I sharing this? Idk! But I just LOVE this solid shampoo. I really love karma komba too but this time I decided to try something that the girl recommended for my greasy hair and dry ends.

Next conditioner
OMG this stuff smells delicious too!! I LOVE the way it smells and it stays on ALL day!! Only thing I don't like is that it's not as moisturizing as my hair needs. I have to supplement with a leave-in. But it does smell good and it is very light weight which is good too in a conditioner. I guess I'm used to thick heavy conditioners that it will take me alittle bit to get used to this. Even as light as it is and as little as it seems to be working when I'm lathering it in, it does keep the knots low. When I brush my hair after a shower, it seems like it would be really knotted but it's actually not. So that is nice. I was pleasantly surprised with this conditioner. BTW I think that's the whole point of this solid conditioner!

jungle love, oheeoheeoh

ok that's enough for now.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been a slacker

I know I have seriously been slacking off lately with a few things. I mean it's not like I'm purposely avoiding certain tasks/projects, but my time has been so consumed between work and wedding planning. And then any other project or priority in between.

I have been a Passion Parties consultant for over a year and I haven't dedicated as much time as I could have. It's hard to do parties when I work from 8am to 6pm, 30 minutes away from home, and have 2 dogs that require my attention no later than 7pm, or I will have accidents to clean. I wish I could stretch my days out to be a little longer, or work out my schedule so that I had more time to do extra jobs on the side, but still not be totally exhausted at the end of the week.

Since I haven't been as active as I should have been over the past few months, I have become inactive.

Now I am considering a different, more PG rated business adventure with Stella & Dot. We'll see if I do it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

updiddly update

I don't post very often, so I needed an update. I have been trying to start up my garden here at our new place. It has been such a mission with my garden because Bandit likes to dig holes. Every time I try to plant something in the ground, he goes ad digs it up. The only think I have in the ground right now is broccoli. Sure enough though he has eaten a few plants and dug them up numerous times. I go outside and find a broccoli plant across the yard just begging to be put back in the ground on a regular basis. anytime I have a fruit or veggie with seeds, I just stick that shit in the dirt and see if it grows. Tomatoes are the easiest. I've resorted to planting most things in pots at least until they are large enough to replant. So here are some photos of my progress and some extra stuff.

2 broccoli plants I planted separately from the other bunch, to throw Bandit off.
The rest of the broccoli

tomato and homemade ghetto trellis

cucumbers and radishes from seeds.

the green carport
Mint and dill

these are some tomato seeds I threw in the dirt after cooking something. They are sprouting!

more tomato sprouts
oregano from seeds

a donation of pots :)

When we finally moved in to the new place I was unpacking boxes of books. I couldn't wait to find this book that has been in storage for the past 2 YEARS!! I was so upset that I put this in storage. I can't tell you how many times I needed this book while it was away. So when we finally moved and I was unpacking all the books, all I could think about was finding this book. I unpacked all the boxes labeled "books" and there was still no sign of it. I was really upset. I thought maybe there were more boxes in storage and I started to panic. But then something clicked and I had a faint memory. I had vaguely remembered putting this in a box with a bunch of office supplies, becuase it was always on my desk.  Lo and behold I found it in a box labeled "Michelle's desk." I was so relieved!

So I finally decided to make another batch of this all purpose household spray cleaner, equivalent to 409. If you have any care for the environment or just the air you breath in your own home, I recommend this book. We are exposed to so many checmicals inside our own homes and we don't even reaize it. From your bug spray to your toilet cleaner, there are toxic chemicals all around us. And if you have small children in the home, there is even more reason to switch to all natural household cleaners. Most bottles of household cleaners aren't even required to put ingredients on their labels. So most of the time you have no idea what's even in them! That's scary. I would rather just make my own cleaners, that last just as long or longer, are just as effective or more, and cost way less. There's no question. All it takes is a few ingredients and a couple minutes and you have natural products to clean your whole house. Plus, what other company makes tub and shower cleaner that is practically edible and smells like frosting? I do! I don't need a gas mask to clean my shower.


You can find the book on Amazon. Get it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

today is normally a zilla day

Well normally on weds. I do wedding planning. I didn't have anything planned today so I think I will take it easy at home. Attempt to lay down foundation for the garden, do some dreaded house chores and play with my lovely doggies. They have dog toys in every room in the house! My tea kettle just went off. OK, gotta buy some gardening supplies.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bandit's new toy

I just bought a new toy for Bandit from Petstages. The one I got isn't on the webpage, probably because I got it at Ross and it's an outdated toy. But I will tell you this. He LOVES it! It's similar to a kong but it's shaped like a dumb bell. You can put treats in either end. I think he might end up tearing through it. This is the greatest dog sitter invention. OMG Aussie can relax, he's not jumping all over her and he is occupied with an interactive toy. We have peace and quiet. I hope that he NEVER gets sick of it!

 Yea I know, I'm sick. I don't care, I love my dogs!