Thursday, June 16, 2011


I haven't gotten anything from LUSH in a few years. It's a little pricey but most things are worth how long they last and how little/no packaging they have.

I wanted to share a few things I just recently bought and I am loving!!!!!!!

My hair smells delicious I want to sniff it all day. People think I'm nuts!

squeaky-green solid shampoo

my hair gets oily really fast because I got used to washing it every day since I was like 11. So I literally HAD to wash my hair everyday. I hate having oily roots and recently I have been trying to skip washing my hair to get it back to it's normal ph balance and normal oils. It was working ok until something happened and it's back to being really oily really fast. Maybe the summer humidity. Why am I sharing this? Idk! But I just LOVE this solid shampoo. I really love karma komba too but this time I decided to try something that the girl recommended for my greasy hair and dry ends.

Next conditioner
OMG this stuff smells delicious too!! I LOVE the way it smells and it stays on ALL day!! Only thing I don't like is that it's not as moisturizing as my hair needs. I have to supplement with a leave-in. But it does smell good and it is very light weight which is good too in a conditioner. I guess I'm used to thick heavy conditioners that it will take me alittle bit to get used to this. Even as light as it is and as little as it seems to be working when I'm lathering it in, it does keep the knots low. When I brush my hair after a shower, it seems like it would be really knotted but it's actually not. So that is nice. I was pleasantly surprised with this conditioner. BTW I think that's the whole point of this solid conditioner!

jungle love, oheeoheeoh

ok that's enough for now.

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